Getting started

As mORMot is actively being developed, the best way of getting hold of the library is to grab the latest, bleeding edge, code. We do that by:

  1. Getting and installing git
  2. Grab a copy of the repository
  3. Configuring Delphi to use the library

Step 1: Get git!

This is easy enough. Visit and download and install the appropriate package.

Step 2: Get the code!

Almost as easy! Open a command prompt, change to the drive and directory where you want the library to live and type:

git clone

I suggest something like

git clone mORMot

This will create and download a copy of the repository to E:\mORMot\
Next we need to grab a copy of the SQLite 3 static .obj files. This will allow our mORMot based application to embed the SQLite engine in our application.

Grab and extract to yourE:\mORMot\ folder. If you plan to develop for 64-bit targets grab and place sqlite3-64.dll in your project’s build directory or in your Windows directory.

Step 3: Configure the environment!

Add the following to your Delphi Library Path:

  • E:\mORMot;
  • E:\mORMot\SQLite3;
  • E:\mORMot\SynDBDataset;
  • E:\mORMot\SQLite3\DDD;
  • E:\mORMot\SQLite3\DDD\dom;
  • E:\mORMot\SQLite3\DDD\infra;

Step 4: Test the environment!

Open E:\mORMot\SQLite3\TestSQL3.dpr and run it. Make sure all the tests pass.

You’re done!


3 thoughts on “Getting started

  1. Would you mind introducing your environment? I got some fails when running TestSQL3(BSON and TPdfDocument), and I’m not sure why.. I use a Win7-32 VirtualBox VM and DelphiXE7 on it.


    1. Hi,

      I’m using a Win7-64 VirtualBox VM with Delphi XE2/7. I’ll make the exact mORMot source available as a separate download, as I have had one or two other users complain that the nightly build might be a bit too unstable. You can get it here:


  2. How do you get mORMot started in Lazarus? Am using it on Win7. When compiling TestSQL3 I keep getting an “unexpected end of file” error in SynCommons.pas.


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