While looking around for ideas and libraries to base our new project on, I stumbled across Roberto Schneider’s excellent article DataSnap analysis based on Speed & Stability tests. Before reading this, I had no idea mORMot even existed and had I was happy and excited to have discovered it. The one part missing from my ideal architectural stack was the Linux based server, and here mORMot could leverage FPC to provide that missing piece of the puzzle.

I quickly learned that this library was nor for the fainthearted. Documentation was complete, but very hard to follow and some parts can only be described as “left as an exercise for the reader…”. But I was determined. I will not walk away. I’ve done this before, with TurboVision, and I’ll do it again. With TurboVision, I had the help of a book, walking me through the concepts and implementation quirks, with mORMot I have no such luxury. The benefits promised by mORMot, as with TurboVision, is just too juicy to walk away from – and that is the reason for this blog.

I will share my experiments and experiences here, and, hopefully, some souls will find it useful and maybe it will help them flatten the enormously steep mORMot learning curve.


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